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Notice of Secured Loans by the Collateral  Office,Finance Bureau, Kaohsiung City

1.Accdording to pawnshop act ,secured loan client should leave his fingerprint of his left hand thumb on secured loan application form.

2.Interest Rate:The Current monthly interest rate is 0.9%, i.e., the client pays NT$90 monthly for NT$10,000.

3.Loaning Period: 3 months, within 5 days after due date, pawned goods can be redeemed or the period can be extended by paying the interest.

4.Interest need not be paid in advance. It can be paid on loan repayment or loan extension.

5.The minimum interest charged will be for one month. For the portion of the loan period that exceeds (a) full month(s) but does not reach another full month, a five-day grace will be given, or a half-month interest will be charged from the sixth day to the fifteenth day, or a full-month interest will be charged for over the sixteenth day.

6.Within 5 days after the due date,the security has not been taken back or the loan has not been extended,the security will be sold out by auction and/or sale.

7.When the loan receipt is lost or damaged,the client should proceed to the loss procedure. But the loss procedure might be incomplete, if the security was taken by posing before completed the loss procedure.

8.Business hours 09:00~17:00, no lunch break, Monday to Friday, the Office will close for Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.


Last Updated:20/07/2011


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Collateral Office, Finance Bureau, Kaohsiung City

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