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Privacy Policy of Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office

Dear friend, your personal privacy will be absolutely respected and protected by “Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office Global Network”. The following information explains the way that this website collects and utilizes the information, as well as our privacy policy.

I.Scope of application of the privacy policy

The following privacy policy declaration applies to the collection, utilization and protection of related personal information when you are using “Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office Network.” However, it does not apply to other websites searched and linked through our website. When you are accessing these websites, the protection of your personal information will be applied to the privacy protection policy of each website.

II.Ways to collect and utilize personal information

When applicants are required to provide personal information, upon the utilization of application service, Internet survey, online activities, etc. provided by “Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office Global Network”, you will be asked to
fill in your name, contact telephone number, contact address, ID card number, e-mail address, and so on. The collected personal information will only serve for the purposes of reply application, statistics, or notification of prize winning in lucky draw activities. This website will not transfer any of the information for any other purposes.
Our website conducts internal research on numbers, interests and behavior of the users according to the polls and marketing activities. This research employs statistics, analysis, and sorting, according to the information of
the whole of Internet users, and only the sum total of the entire users' behavior will be analyzed and announced among all the public information or analyses reports. Analyses reports on individual information will not be
provided to any specific person.

III.Individual obligations

All the users have the obligations to fill in the latest personal information and to make sure that the information is accurate and complete, when using the online application service provided by “Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office
Global Network.” If any of the information you provided is incorrect or false, all the related units of “Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office Global Network” will have the right to decline the utilization of the whole or partial service of
this account.

IV.Counseling and help regarding privacy protection policy

If you have any question or comment regarding the items above, please send a letter to our mail box.
If you found any violation of this policy conducted by any of the related units of our revenue service office, please send a letter to our mail box as well, for reporting.
Last Updated:20/07/2011


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