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Information Security Policy of Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office

Welcome to “Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office Global Network.” To make you feel safe using all kinds of service measures at this website, the information security policy declaration is described here with precise details.

I.Scope of application of the information security policy

The following information security policy applies to the utilization and protection of all kinds of information content, electronic files, and forms you browse, read, and download when using the “Kaohsiung Revenue Service Office Global

II.Information security and protection

This website installed firewall, anti-virus system, and other relevant information security equipment, as well as necessary security protection measures, to prevent illegal hacking, destruction, or theft of information. The information
stored at this website will also be utterly protected to ensure the security of your personal information.
All the files or software provided at this website are safe and legal. Please feel confident to download, and to use your own account. Nevertheless, this website does not provide encryption protection for information transmission,
and this website can not guarantee perfect network environment safety. As a result, the Internet users need to be aware of, and responsible for, the risks of information transmission on the Internet.

III.Self-protection measures

Please keep any of your personal information private, and do not provide your personal information to a third person, in order to protect your rights. Please make sure you log out after receiving and sending e-mail to prevent others
from accessing your personal information and mails.
Last Updated:20/07/2011


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